Chinese coal production

Time for some more graphs.  Since I did coal consumption many months ago, why not do coal production?



Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, and Shaanxi are the top coal-producing provinces by far.  Collectively, they produced over 67% of China’s coal in 2012.  Shanxi and Inner Mongolia produced 54% of China’s coal in 2012.

Cultural lesson: why have my y-axis in units of 10,000 tonnes of coal? Because in Chinese, you don’t count based on thousands, millions, and billions (factors of 1000.). You count in factors of 10000, known as wan, 万。I just copied all of it from China Data Online so it’s still in these units out of laziness, I suppose you could say.

You can actually find this information in the Coal Museum in Taiyuan(煤炭博物馆), a convenient ten-minute walk from my home on Yingze Dajie, just west of the Fen River.  I think it is the only useful I thing I learned from the coal museum, although the 3D movie is nice; it sprays water at you to simulate dinosaurs spitting during the naissance of coal formation.


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