Some pictures

It’s getting cold in Shanxi. It’s starting to reach that temperature where my morning ritual includes me debating whether to wear long underwear.

I took these photos in early October, when I could still go outside in only a sweater.  It was still that point in my Chinese life that I remembered to carry a camera.  These days, I haphazardly hop on buses and go places and never remember to bring my camera.  In related news, whenever I go to Taigu to visit the Shansi fellows these days, I will often forget to bring pajamas, but I’ll never forget the beer.  Priorities.


Chrysanthemum (菊花) display in the rain at Jinci (晋祠) Temple 30 minutes from Taiyuan.


really cool dragon on a pillar of one of the buildings in the Jinci Temple complex.


This dragon was made of chrysanthemums.


Shanxi is known for its dates (红枣). No date puns, please. The blurry folks are my parents, when they sent me off at the end of September.


The ubiquitous condiment in Shanxi on the left: vinegar made from aged fermented sorghum. It’s called Mature Chen Vinegar (老陈醋).  Yes, that’s my name, don’t wear it out.  My namesake is incredibly aromatic and delicious, and I have begun pouring it on everything.  Sometimes I take shots of it.


One of the many cafeterias on campus. These fine people are eating breakfast. Might I add that they eat largely savory breakfast here. It’s becoming my favorite meal of the day. More about Chinese cafeterias later, they kind of rule at TYUT.


The school gym, across from the building where I live. I can only find the badminton courts in this monolith. I can’t find the weight room. Word on the street is that it exists.


I get up at dawn here. What is happening to my life. Here are the outdoor basketball courts at TYUT.


This is the ivory tower of my abode. I live on the 11th floor.


Sometimes I spend time with this lovely creature.  Here, Amelea lives up to her nickname, “Bundle of Joy.”


Sometimes I spend time with this other lovely creature. Here, Veronica pours honey into our very first China homebrew.

I should probably write more.  But I also should go to bed. What a life, to be an expat in China.


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