First impressions

“We must, incidentally, make it clear from the beginning that if a thing is not a science, it is not necessarily bad.  For example, love is not a science. So, if something is said not to be a science, it does not mean that there is something wrong with it; it just means that it is not a science.”

-Richard Feynman, The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Vol. 1

I met someone yesterday.

I decided to go eat sketchy ass food in the street across from campus.  What is sketchy ass food? It is food that is served in a grubby little hole in the wall the size of my bathroom.  The whole establishment is smeared with grease.  A dude in floppy slippers sitting on a stunted little stool makes seaweed-and-egg-drop soup in a wok in a corner of the room.  He cranks out the most delicious steamed pork buns I have introduced to my mouth.  He serves vinegar in a family-size teapot. I was walking toward these buns, and I saw a girl.

This girl was wearing a sweatshirt with grammatically correct English printed on the back of it, and she was singing. We were both walking into the smoggy sunset toward the sketchy ass food vendors.

My type.

I hovered behind her. I craned my neck to hear what she was singing. I didn’t know what it was.  I decided that I would accompany it with whistling.  She clutched her bag more tightly to herself and scuttled off in another direction.

I was not the pork bun she had been anticipating.

After I returned from visiting V. and Amelea, other than playing badminton once with my labmate, I have had little human interaction during Mid-Autumn Festival break.


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